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What's New in IQexpress!

IQexpress has a new look and contains several new features! Breaking News contains news summaries updated throughout the day featuring stories from washingtonpost.com. Several new searches have recently been added to the Searches section -- including a general web search, additional news searches, and a direct link into the new FirstGov federal documents search engine.

Other major features on the Home page include the Congress Today, White House Update, Plan Ahead, and Reports sections. The Hot Issues In-Depth section was previously called In-Depth but has been renamed to better reflect its focus.

Congress Today contains detailed schedule information on for the U.S. House and Senate -- including committees. This section also contains the latest news stories on Congress, and links to important Congressional web sites.

White House Update features information on the major items on the President's agenda, major official statements from the President, and news stories about developments at the White House.

Plan Ahead will list major upcoming events affecting Members of Congress and other policymakers. This section will be updated daily.

Reports will provide links to the latest, most significant publications from the General Accounting Office, the Congressional Budget Office, the Federal Elections Commission and other organizations.

New issues continue to be added to the Hot Issues in depth analysis section -- lately we have been adding about one new issue every week.

Users continue to come up with great additions to the many resources already contained in IQexpress. Dozens of additional links have been added recently.

Please check the 'What's New' section regularly to get a listing of recently added resources. And don't forget to recommend links you add to your home page yourself for use by other users ...
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