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Welcome to IQexpress!

IQexpress is a service for public officials and their staffs from Leidos - DSI, the nation's leading provider of constituent relations management software for elected officials. Our flagship product, Intranet Quorum, is used by over 150 U.S. House and Senate offices, federal agencies, and state and local governments to help provide better service to constituents. Leidos - DSI also provides desktop support and other services for over 18,000 desktops nationwide. See the Leidos - DSI homepage for more information on our company and services.

IQexpress Organizes Web Resources For You
IQexpress now contains thousands links to web sites of government agencies, news media organizations, foundations and research institutions, trade associations, and commercial business -- along with links to countless other web-based resources. These links are organized in a prioritized, easy-to-use manner that makes it possible to locate the most important information on the Internet now!

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You can also customize the IQexpress home page so you can get to the links you use the most even easier and quicker. If you are already in your home page, simply click on 'personalize home page'. It is also easy to add links from the folder where the link currently exists rather than from the Home Page itself. In a folder, simply choose 'Select links for home page' to copy the link. To delete an existing link from your home page, choose 'personalize your home page' and simply uncheck one or more of your existing personal links.
First time users can add a sample set of favorite Personal Links by clicking on the link 'Create sample set of personal links now!' on the Home Page. This option creates a starting set of personal Home Page links from most commonly used IQexpress resources. Changes can be made later by selecting 'Personalize Home Page'.

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