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Constitution Party
Andrukitis Printing
106th Congress Bill Search
Government Information Locator Service
CBO Studies
Commerce Business Daily
Congressional Pictorial Directory - 106th
League of Women Voters
Comm. on Presidential Debates
Write Your Representative
CQ House Action Reports
Inst. for Research on Poverty at the Univ. of Wisconsin at Madison
Interfaith Alliance
Local Investment Commission
Advocates for Youth
Nat. Alliance for the Mentally Ill
Nat. Assoc. of Social Workers
Nat. Center for Children in Poverty at Columbia Univ.
National Center on Poverty Law
Nat. Coalition for Child Protection Reform
Nat. Commission for Economic Conversion and Disarmament
Nat. Community Capital Assoc.
Nat. Gambling Impact Study Commission
Nelson A. Rockefeller Inst. of Government at the State Univ. of New York
Pew Charitable Trusts
Second Harvest
United Nations Children's Fund
Urban Center
Urban Inst.
Am. Civil Liberties Union
Am. Public Human Services Assoc.
Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law
Bread for the World
Catholic Charities USA
Center for Law and Social Policy
Center for Policy Alternatives
Center for Public Justice
Welfare Information Network
Welfare & Families (EPN)
Welfare Reform and the General Welfare
Welfare Watch
Welfare Reform: Issues Focus
Action Alliance for Children
Inst. for Contemporary Studies
Inner City Press and Inner City Public Interest Law Center
Initiatives For Children
Greenlining Inst.
Economic Opportunity Inst.
Commonwealth Fund
Columbia Univ. School of Social Work
Children Now
Child Welfare League of America
Child Trends, Inc.
Center for What Works
Center for Public Policy Priorities
Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration
Nat. Academy of Social Insurance
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