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Agriculture  (More ..)
ARS Agricultural Statistics Service Census of Agriculture
ERS Farms Historic Data
National Resources Inventory Statistical Highlights
Budget & Taxes  (More ..)
CBO Monthly Budget Reviews Corporate Federal Budget
Federal Spending by State Federal, State & Local Govt Finance Individual
Internal Revenue Service Public Debt Statistics of Income
Crime & Public Safety  (More ..)
Accidents & Injuries Consumer Product-Related Statistics Criminal Offenders
DEA, Statistics Illegal Aliens Injuries
Justice Statistics Uniform Crime Reporting Victims of Crime
Work Related Injuries
Current Economic Activity
BigCharts.com Bloomberg CBS MarketWatch
Census Briefing Room ESA Economic Indicators
Foreign Trade Housing Starts Industrial Output
Interest Rates/Financial New Construction New Homes
Residential Repairs Retail & Wholesale STAT-USA
Service Industries State and Local Gov't Trade
Education  (More ..)
Data Analysis System (DAS) International Comparisons Natl Center for Ed. Statistics
Public School Finance Statistics -- Education
Energy & Natural Resources  (More ..)
Coal EIA Electric
Energy Reserves Marine Fisheries Mineral Resource Data
National Oil & Natural Gas Assessment Natural Gas Nuclear Energy
Petroleum Prices Private Water Wells
Production, Consumption, Distribution USGS Energy Resources Program
Health & Welfare  (More ..)
Adoption and Foster Care Aging CDC
Child Abuse Child Support Enforcement Food Stamps
Health Care Expenditures Health Statistics Medical Expenditure Survey
Organ Transplants SSI Statistical Data
Infrastructure & Transportation  (More ..)
Aviation Safety Bur. of Transportation Stats FAA
FHA FTA Highway Safety
Mass Transit Motor Vehicle-Related Accidents National Highway System
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Labor & Employment  (More ..)
ETA Employment Projections Employment and Unemployment
Labor Productivity SafetyNet Statistics (BLS)
Wages and Employee Benefits
Population  (More ..)
Census Geographic Distribution Population Characteristics
Population Estimates Population Projections
Trade  (More ..)
BEA Balance of Payments Foreign Direct Investment in the U.S.
International Trade NIPA
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