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Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety Aerospace Industries Assoc. Air Traffic Controllers Assoc.
Air Transport Assoc. Aircraft Owners and Pilots Assoc. Airline Pilots Assoc., Intl.
Airports Council Intl. Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers Am. Inst. of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Am. Public Transit Assoc. Am. Society of Civil Engineers Am. Society of Travel Agents
Am. Traffic Safety Services Am. Trucking Assoc. American Highway Users Alliance
Aviation Safety Reporting System Aviation Week and Space Technology AviationNow
Bureau of Transportation Statistics Cascade Policy Inst. Coalition for Vehicle Choice
Community Transportation Assoc. of America Fed. Aviation Admin. (FAA) Independent Pilots Assoc.
Inst. for Metropolitan Affairs Inst. of Transportation Engineers Insurance Inst. for Highway Safety
Intl. Assoc. of Independent Tanker Owners Morrison Inst. for Public Policy, School of Public Affairs, Arizona State Univ. Nat. Air Traffic Controllers Assoc.
Nat. Assoc. of Railroad Passsengers Nat. Business Aviation Assoc. Nat. Commission Against Drunk Driving
Nat. Private Truck Council Nat. Trans. Safety Bd. (NTSB) Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries
Regional Airline Assoc. Surface Transportation Policy Project The Aviation Home Page
The Road Information Program Travel Industry Assoc. of America Union of Concerned Scientists
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