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Am. Egg Assoc. Am. Farm Bureau Federation Am. Farmland Trust
Am. Feed Industry Assoc. Am. Inst. of Biological Sciences Am. Soybean Assoc.
CARE Corn Refiners Assoc. Council for Agricultural Science and Technology
Federation of Am. Scientists Food Inst. Food and Agriculture Organization
Friends of Tobacco Grocery Manufacturers of America Intl. Food Policy Research Inst.
Nat. Cattlemen's Beef Assoc. Nat. Corn Growers Assoc. Nat. Cottonseed Products Assoc.
Nat. Farmers Union Nat. Pork Producers Council Nat. Turkey Federation
North Am. Industrial Hemp Council Organic Alliance Organic Trade Assoc.
Overseas Development Institute Rural Advancement Foundation Intl. Tobacco Control Resource Center
U.N. Development Programme U.S. Grains Council U.S. Poultry & Egg Assoc.
Western Water Policy Review Advisory Commission Wine Inst. World Food Programme
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