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AID Africa Policy Information Center African Growth and Opportunity Act Coalition
Am. Foreign Policy Council Am. Inst. for Contemporary German Studies Am. Israeli Cooperative Enterprise
Am. Israeli Public Affairs Committee Am. Kurdish Information Network Am. Red Cross
Am.-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee Am.-Iranian Council, Inc. Am.-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise
Amnesty Intl. Army War College Strategic Studies Inst. Asia Foundation
Asia Society Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Atlantic Council of the United States
B'nai B'rith Intl. Berkeley Roundtable on the Intl. Economy (BRIE) Britain in the USA
British Am. Security Information Council British Information Services Business Executives for Nat. Security
CARE CIA World Fact Book Carter Center
Center for Intl. Security and Cooperation Center for Taiwan Intl. Relations China Internet Information Center
China Society for Human Rights Studies Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs Chinese Mission to the United Nations, Geneva
Church World Service Comm. on Immigration Reform Commission on Global Governance
Council on Am.-Islamic Relations Council on Foreign Relations Demilitarization for Democracy
East-West Center Eurasia Foundation European Council on Refugees and Exiles
European Policy Forum European Union European Univ. Inst.
Federation for Am. Immigration Reform Federation for American Immigration Reform Foreign Policy
Foreign Policy Assoc. Foreign Policy In Focus Foreign Policy Inst. - Turkey
Foundation for Middle East Peace Global Development Center Global Policy Forum
Global Y2K Initiative Hudson Inst. Human Rights Watch
Human Rights in China INS Idasa
Immigration Forum Immigration USA Independent Working Group on the Future of the United Nations
Inst. for Foreign Policy Analysis Inst. for Global Communications Inst. for Intl. Economics
Inst. for Nat. Strategic Studies Inst. for Security Studies Inter Nationes
InterAction: The Am. Council for Voluntary Intl. Action Interpol Intl. Assoc. of Counterterrorism and Security Professionals
Intl. Atomic Energy Agency Intl. Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development Intl. Committee of Lawyers for Tibet
Intl. Court of Justice Intl. Foundation for Election Systems Intl. Monetary Fund
Intl. Organization for Migration Intl. Peace Bureau Intl. Policy Inst. for Counter-Terrorism
Intl. Republican Inst. Iranians for Intl. Cooperation Iraq Foundation
James A. Baker III Inst. for Public Policy at Rice Univ. Jane's Online Japan Federation of Economic Organizations
Japan Information Access Project Jewish Student Online Resource Center (JSOURCE) Journal of Democracy
Lawyers Alliance for World Security Lawyers Committee for Human Rights Middle East Policy Council
Moscow Libertarium NCSL Immigrant Policy Project Nat. Assoc. of Japan-America Societies
Nat. Commission for Economic Conversion and Disarmament Nat. Endowment for Democracy Nat. Legal Center for the Public Interest
National Center for Policy Analysis National Immigration Forum National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights
Network on European and Transatlantic Security North Am. Inst. Nuclear Control Inst.
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Organization for Intl. Investment Organization of Am. States
Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries Overseas Development Council Overseas Development Inst.
Pacific Research Inst. Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human Rights Policy.com: Immigration
Policy.com: Issue of the Week-Immigration Polyconomics Population Action Intl.
Population Research Inst. Progressive Policy Inst. Project Vote Smart
Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs Refugees Intl. ReliefWeb
Research Perspectives on Migration State of the World Forum Terrorism Research Center
The Atlantic Monthly: Articles on Immigration The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists The Commonwealth Foundation
The Europe of Nations Group in the EU Parliament The Global Fund for Women U.N. Development Programme
U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees U.S.-Asia Environmental Partnership United Nations Assoc. of the United States of America
United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS United States Committee for a Free Lebanon Voluntary Service Overseas
Washington Inst. for Near East Policy Watson Inst. for Intl. Studies World Bank
World Economic Forum World Federalist Assoc. World Food Programme
World Health Organization World Policy Inst. World Resources Inst.
World Trade Organization Worldwatch Inst.
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