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 Congress Today
House - meets at 9:00 AM on Friday, October 22, 2021.
Senate - meets at 3:00 PM on Monday, October 25, 2021.

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    In the Committees - Thursday, September 23, 2021

    House Hearings:
    • Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress - Pathways to Success: How Practicing Civility, Collaboration, and Leadership Can Empower Members 2118 RHOB (9:00 AM)
    • Rescheduled - Reviving Competition, Part 4: 21st Century Antitrust Reforms and the American Worker 2141 RHOB (10:00 AM)
    • Agriculture - 1300 LHOB (10:00 AM)
    • Financial Services - Lending in a Crisis: Reviewing the Federal Reserve’s Emergency Lending Powers During the Pandemic and Examining Proposals to Address Future Economic Crises 2128 RHOB (10:00 AM)
    • Foreign Affairs - Shifting the Power: Advancing Locally-led Development and Partner Diversification in U.S. Development Programs 2172 RHOB (10:00 AM); Transatlantic Cooperation on Countering Global Terrorism and Violent Extremism (2:00 PM)
    • Science, Space & Tech. - “Advancing Earth System Science and Stewardship at NOAA” (10:00 AM)
    • Transportation and Infrastructure - “Disruption in the Skies: The Surge in Air Rage and its Effects on Workers, Airlines, and Airports.” 2167 RHOB (10:00 AM)
    Senate Hearings:
    • Aging - Hearings to examine fraud, scams, and COVID-19, focusing on how older Americans have been targeted during the pandemic. SD-562 (09:30 AM)
    • Agriculture - Business meeting to consider the nomination of Homer L. Wilkes, of Mississippi, to be Under Secretary of Agriculture for Natural Resources and Environment. TBA (Time to be announced.)
    • Armed Services - Hearings to examine the nomination of Gen. Jacqueline D. Van Ovost, USAF for reappointment to the grade of general and to be Commander, United States Transportation Command, Department of Defense. SD-G50 (09:30 AM)
    • Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs - Hearings to examine national cybersecurity strategy, focusing on protection of Federal and critical infrastructure systems. SD-342/VTC (10:15 AM)
    • Judiciary - Business meeting to consider S.1787, to amend title 28 of the United States Code to prevent the transfer of actions arising under the antitrust laws in which a State is a complainant, S.2502, to provide first-time, low-level, nonviolent simple possession offenders an opportunity to expunge that conviction after successful completion of court-imposed probation, and the nominations of Toby J. Heytens, of Virginia, to be United States Circuit Judge for the Fourth Circuit, Patricia Tolliver Giles, and Michael S. Nachmanoff, both to be a United States District Judge for the Eastern District of Virginia, Sarala Vidya Nagala, and Omar Antonio Williams, both to be a United States District Judge for the District of Connecticut, and Hampton Y. Dellinger, of North Carolina, to be an Assistant Attorney General, Erek L. Barron, to be United States Attorney for the District of Maryland, Nicholas W. Brown, to be United States Attorney for the Western District of Washington, Matthew M. Graves, to be United States Attorney for the District of Columbia, Clifford D. Johnson, to be United States Attorney for the Northern District of Indiana, Zachary A. Myers, of Maryland, to be United States Attorney for the Southern District of Indiana, Rachael S. Rollins, to be United States Attorney for the District of Massachusetts, Trini E. Ross, to be United States Attorney for the Western District of New York, and Vanessa Waldref, to be United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Washington, all of the Department of Justice. SH-216 (09:00 AM)
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