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House - meets at 9:00 AM on Monday, June 1, 2020.
Senate - meets at 3:00 PM on Monday, June 1, 2020.

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    In the Committees - Wednesday, May 20, 2020

    House Hearings:
    • Postponed - “Examining the Federal Government’s Actions to Protect Workers from COVID-19.” 2175 RHOB (10:15 AM)
    • Small Business - 05-20-20 Virtual Forum (1:00 PM)
    Senate Hearings:
    • Commerce - Business meeting to consider S.2894, to establish a National Shipper Advisory Committee, S.2904, to direct the Director of the National Science Foundation to support research on the outputs that may be generated by generative adversarial networks, otherwise known as deepfakes, and other comparable techniques that may be developed in the future, S.3681, to require a joint task force on the operation of air travel during and after COVID-19 pandemic, S.3704, to amend the Scientific and Advanced-Technology Act of 1992 to further support advanced technological manufacturing, S.3712, to require the Secretary of Commerce to establish national cybersecurity grand challenges, S.3717, to require the Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information to submit to Congress a plan for the modernization of the information technology systems of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, S.3728, to require the Secretary of Transportation to support the efforts of State and local governments to provide for priority testing of essential critical infrastructure workers with respect to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), S.3729, to provide relief for the recipients of financial assistance awards from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, an original bill entitled, "Registered Traveler Act of 2020", an original bill entitled "Bioeconomy Research and Development Act of 2020", and the nominations of Neil Jacobs, of North Carolina, to be Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere, Finch Fulton, of Alabama, and Diana Furchtgott-Roth, of Maryland, both to be an Assistant Secretary of Transportation, John Chase Johnson, of Oklahoma, to be Inspector General, Federal Communications Commission, Joseph Ryan Gruters, of Florida, Leon A. Westmoreland, of Georgia, and Rick A. Dearborn, of Oklahoma, each to be a Director of the Amtrak Board of Directors, and routine lists in the Coast Guard. SD-G50 (10:00 AM)
    • Energy - Hearings to examine the nomination of Mark Wesley Menezes, of Virginia, to be Deputy Secretary of Energy. SD-106 (02:30 PM)
    • Environment - An oversight hearing to examine the Environmental Protection Agency. SD-106 (10:00 AM)
    • Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs - Business meeting to consider a motion to issue a subpoena to Blue Star Strategies as described in Schedule A, and the nomination of Brian D. Miller, of Virginia, to be Special Inspector General for Pandemic Recovery. SR-325 (11:30 AM)
    • Judiciary - Hearings to examine the nomination of Cory T. Wilson, of Mississippi, to be United States Circuit Judge for the Fifth Circuit. SD-G50 (02:30 PM)
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