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From washingtonpost.com:
The states where children are most likely to be locked up, poor and hungry
Why a TSA overhaul could mean longer lines
Afghan officials probe reports of Taliban leader death
KABUL - Afghan officials said Wednesday they were examining unconfirmed reports that the leader of the Taliban has died, but there was no immediate comment from the militant group even as it prepares for another round of peace talks.
Despite economic gains, Obama's work in Africa is unfinished
ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA - In the end, President Obama may have gotten closer to the bones of ancient mankind than to ordinary Africans on what was probably his last trip to Africa as president. But no one can say he did not try.
Donald Trump kind of has a point about the unfair economy
Eyeing the 2016 election calendar, trade ministers meet in Hawaii
Twitter can tell which states love jogging and which are eating hot dogs
Hunting guide, land owner appear in court following Cecil the lion's death
Animals keep showing up in places where they don't belong. Is it climate change?
Pentagon gets ready to award big contract for electronic medical records
The growing wealth gap that nobody is talking about
The growing wealth gap that nobody is talking about
Budget and tax: heading toward a three-month highway bill; first bits of international tax reform to be released; Ex-Im's not dead yet
Why the Boy Scouts will be a campaign issue in 2016
If the Obama presidency is winding down, why is his group Organizing for Action ramping up?
The 6 big issues where we still don't know where Hillary Clinton stands
Saudi-led coalition plans ground attacks in Yemen after taking key city
BEIRUT - After four months of setbacks, fighters backed by Saudi Arabia have seized the offensive in Yemen's war, taking control of a major city and pressing to expand ground operations against rebel forces.
For Chinese investors, a crisis of faith
BEIJING - Another day, another stock rout. And the Chinese government can't seem to stop the slip.Chinese stocks sank again Tuesday, with the Shanghai Composite dropping 1.7 percent, on top of Monday's 8.5 percent tumble, and the Shenzhen Composite losing 2.2 percent. The volatility ended three weeks of relative stability after authorities stepped in to shore up the market, and it calls into question their ability to control a stock boom gone bust.
WorldViews: Israelis scold Huckabee for saying Iran deal sends them to 'door of the oven'
The fallout over Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee's controversial remarks on the Iran nuclear deal has now reached Israel.Over the weekend, Huckabee derided the deal announced in Vienna between six world powers and Iran, saying it would "take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven." The comments, which invoked the Holocaust in criticizing the agreement - it restricts Tehran's nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief - earned swift condemnation from the Anti-Defamation League, comedian Jon Stewart and congressional Democrats, as well as President Obama.
Egypt's timid press lashes out at harsh measures aimed at media, journalists
CAIRO - They've cheered for officials at news conferences. They've smeared government critics. Egypt's reporters threw their support behind a 2013 coup, becoming a mouthpiece for the new, military-backed regime.
Lawyer urges Iran prison release for Post journalist
The lawyer for a Washington Post journalist facing trial in Iran on charges including espionage pressed Tuesday for his immediate release from prison following the nuclear accord between Tehran and world powers, according to Iranian media.
Pakistan turns up heat against powerful party in bid to secure Karachi
KARACHI, Pakistan - A two-year-old government effort to restore order in this Pakistani port city has halved the notoriously high murder rate, but security officials' tactics have intensified confrontation with a powerful political movement that vows it won't easily be subdued.
Want to listen to radio on your phone? AT&T's about to make it a lot easier.
Like many consumers, I've mostly stopped listening to the radio - mainly because I rarely drive anymore and many of my favorite shows are available as online podcasts.But AT&T customers who miss listening to FM channels will soon be able to flip on their local stations and listen live anytime they want. That's because starting with every new Android phone it sells in 2016, AT&T will be activating the receiver inside that's designed to tap into FM signals.
Twitter surprises analysts with a big earnings beat, but falls on doubts about user growth
Twitter reported a more than 60 percent jump in quarterly revenue Tuesday, unexpectedly strong results that could indicate the company's advertising strategy is beginning to work. But the social network acknowledged that it is still struggling to define itself and attract a bigger audience.
 stateline.org - State and Local Issues

Latest state and local issue stories and analyses from stateline.org and the Pew Center on the States.

States move slowly toward digital textbooks
Despite enthusiasm for digital textbooks at the national level, states have been slow to get on board. But the movement is gaining strength.
Indiana gov squashes vp speculation
TODAY'S TAKE: Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels is the latest GOP governor who says he's not interested in becoming Mitt Romney's running mate.
Note to readers: A new Stateline is coming soon
Stateline and the Pew Center on the States are launching a new website at Pewstates.org
AZ: Arizona's immigration law gets its day in U.S. Supreme Court
When Paul Clement walks into the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday he's going to try to convince at least five justices that Arizona has an inherent right to enforce federal immigration laws.
NC: North Carolina judge vacates death penalty under racial justice law
In a landmark ruling, a North Carolina judge on Friday vacated the death penalty of a black man convicted of murder, saying prosecutors across the state had engaged in deliberate and systematic racial discrimination when striking black potential jurors in death penalty cases.
NJ: New Jersey drops out of lawsuit against EPA over ozone
New Jersey has dropped out of a lawsuit challenging the White House decision to bypass strict ozone standards that the EPA had recommended as necessary to protect human health.
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  •  Governing.com - State and Local News
    The Way We Tax: A 50-State Report
    The vast majority of state tax systems are inadequate for the task of funding a 21st-century government. Most of those tax systems are also unfair. They break the golden rule of tax equity: collect the lowest possible rates on the widest possible base of taxpayers.
    Governing February Issue
  • Assessments: Alan Ehrenhalt on living with "lifestyle centers"
  • Potomac Chronicle: Donald F. Kettl on the states as beggars
  • Technology: Thomas R. Davies on outside resources for new IT leaders
  • Tax Talk: David Brunori on the principles of sound tax policy
  • Economic Development: William Fulton on how a city's size affects its competitiveness
  • Environment: Tom Arrandale on the risks of weakening longstanding laws

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